Thank you

  • Jörg Fachner, for encouraging me to start the research and for being approachable and supportive throughout the years.
  • Tom Hall, for accepting me as your first PhD student and Richard Hoadley, for your feedback towards the end of the research.
  • Fredrik Olofsson, for all the immeasurable time you have spent supporting me beyond the requirements of an external adviser.
  • Paul Rhys, not only for your invaluable feedback but also for helping me stay positive, calm and thoughtful.
  • Tony Steffert, for your continuous support on auditory neurofeedback training.
  • William Croft, for your expert support with the OpenBCI boards on the OpenBCI forum.
  • Jeff Strong for your clarifications on auditory rhythmic entrainment and Jeff Tarrant for your clarifications on NeuroMeditation.
  • Andrej Hrvatin and Sándor Sörös, for your insightful guidance on how being flexible with tempo and rhythm while drumming can help induce and maintain the shamanic state of consciousness.
  • Max Saiffe, Michelle Martin, Susan Mokelke and Michael Winkelman, for your clarifications regarding traditional and core shamanic practices and the relationship between meditation and shamanic journeying.
  • B and M, for helping me test the BCMI-2 system and expressing interest in a follow-up study.
  • Ryan Rogers and Matt Skidmore, for your support with live and studio mixing.
  • Mick Grierson and Thor Magnusson, for helping me better situate my research outcomes.
  • Ian Daly, Duncan Williams, Joel Eaton, Satvik Venkatesh, Rachel Horrel, Stefan Ehrlich, Alexander Fedotchev, John Gruzelier, Alberto Novello, Luciana Haill, Patrick Hilsbos, Hauke Harder, Miguel Ortiz and David Rosenboom for discussing your research with me and commenting on my work.
  • David, for talking; Lucas, for listening; Yanxi for waiting and Popo for staying.