Appx.4 Listening Studies Files

A public GitHub repository containing data for both listening studies:

Folders include detailed information on the four stages of the studies:

  1. survey design e.g. the surveys in diferent formats and supporting assets
  2. call (advertising) e.g. list dissemination channels
  3. gathered data e.g. anonymised responses in raw .csv format
  4. some analysis including the automatic evaluations provided by SurveyMonkey and some examples of my visual analysis with RAWGraphs v.1 in raw .svg formats. The graphs using these .svg fles were post-edited in Adobe Illustrator. The raw survey data is publicly available (open access) frstly as it was a requirement by one of the Facebook groups where the call was advertised, and secondly, to provide data for researchers interested in meditation, visualisation, shamanism and auditory entrainment.